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RE1.5 (PVP) 02-08-2015

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RE1.5 (PVP) 02-08-2015

Mensaje por Biohazard España el Mar 16 Feb 2016, 7:20 am

Added 02/08/2015:

[Hacks by Martin biohazard and team]

-Updated/Added some RDT hacks from my MZD hacks (no repeated cutscenes, fire in ROOM511, etc...).
-Added "Air Jesus" fix!
-Added no door text hack
-Updated steps sounds from several rooms.
-Fixed steps sounds from zombies in some rooms.
-Added my improved "Factory Corridor" cutscene.
-Added new versions of my improved "Arrival to factory" cutscenes!
-Added new version of my "John in Prison" cutscene reconstruction.
-Added new version of my "Arrival to Sewer (Leon)" cutscene reconstruction.
-Fixed Factory Elevator (Elza).

Como activar las Cutscenes secretas:
Pon al personaje en frente de donde lo muestro en las imágenes y presionar " Cuadrado "

How to activate hidden cutscenes:
Just put the character where I show in the next sreenshots and press "square" (action button):

Mix Green Herb  All credits to the MZD Team  Mix Green Herb


-Martin Biohazard
-Wes67 for help me a lot ( Martin Biohazard ) in the creation of this patch! Since without his help, this never would have been possible!
-Mrox2 for make and let me to use his amazing re-skins characters in this patch!
-Leo2236 for his amazing RE2MV!
-The Mortician for give me a hand in some things!
-MonkeyMan2000 for his amazing Resident Evil 2 BCC tool!
-MarkGrass for his amazing BIOFAT tool!
-SeiyaKou for the hacked ROOM30E.BSS and some boundaries fixes!

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